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EAP mental health professionals are available around the clock, and you can request face-to-face counseling services, too. Salesforce offers eight free counseling sessions with a qualified professional.

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We have great benefits for parents, so we encourage employees to take advantage of them! At HQ, we offer Little Ohana childcare center , and a nearby center provides care for infants to preschoolers. For breastfeeding mothers with busy business travel schedules, Milk Stork provides all the tools needed to send milk home to their baby, including a pharmaceutical-grade shipping cooler, breast milk storage bags, and FedEx Priority Overnight shipping labels. Want to learn more about our parent programs? Check out www. Try Salesforce. Get your FREE day trial. Please complete all fields.

Feb 01, By Sandy Bui. Got Kids? Want more awesome content? Sign up for our newsletter. Back to All Stories. Separate Home and Work Life Create a clear separation between work and home. Tackle Time Management Plan out your week every Sunday Set Attainable Expectations With Your Manager Manage up and let your bosses know how important and necessary your family time is to you. Take Time Off Try to take an hour-long lunch or a midday workout class to re-energize yourself. Set a Strong Example for Others People managers should model the behavior they expect to see in their teams.

What Does Salesforce Do? This Is What Salesforce Does. Related Blog Posts. CEO Insights. He's also quite the personality—very charismatic and articulate. I would describe him as the worst-looking man I've ever seen and adorable all at the same time. For any parent of a teen who doesn't know what Post Malone looks like, Google him and you'll understand. I was looking forward to the concert. I love sharing experiences with my daughter. Making memories, I call it.

It was a lovely outdoor venue and the weather was perfect. My daughter brought a friend and they wanted to try to get closer. They are responsible girls. Again, I said, "Sure. The opening act was vulgar. I was confused. I had heard this group on the radio many times. Something was not right. The crowd got bigger and I lost sight of my child's blonde head. The young people pushed closer to the front. The parents there were less than 20 of us got squished towards the back.

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One of the parents suggested we say a prayer. I disagreed. I didn't think we needed to bring God into a Twenty One Savage opening act. God would say we got ourselves into the mess, we should get ourselves out. God would have said, "Grab your children and get out of that pit of sin. If we were staying, waiting on the headliner, it was going to be on us.

I was about to find the girls and head out when Post Malone came on stage. He is even worse looking and more adorable in real life.

I decided to stick it out. My text messages to the girls evolved from "check in with me every 15 minutes" to "try your best not to inhale. Overall, I enjoyed the show. The opening acts should be ashamed of themselves, and I should be ashamed for sitting through it. But Post Malone brought down the house. It was worth losing my nomination for mother of the year. It took forever to get out of the parking lot like it always does. A kid was selling concert t-shirts, and I was caught up in the moment.

Time passed. Back to our routine. One day my daughter came downstairs wearing a shirt with the words "beer bong" on the front. The name of the tour was "Beer Bong and Bentleys. I took a Sharpie and marked out the words "beer" and "bong. We went from a parking lot version of a t-shirt to a back-home version.

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That's my story and I'm sticking to it. To my second born, You are nearly a year old, and I'm just getting to know you. It took a while. Your arrival terrified me.

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I woke up at midnight to my water breaking—a huge gush, the kind I knew only from movies. You have never been subtle, dear one. I was in a fog as your dad gathered our bags for the hospital. Before leaving, we snuck into your brother's room to say goodbye to him, to his last night as an only child. He woke up not our intention , so I sang a song to help him back to sleep. Before I could finish the first line, I felt you making your arrival!

You were born on the kitchen floor. After two minutes of pushing, you were in your dad's hands, on the floor of our tiny San Francisco apartment. No doctor, no doula, no idea how it happened so fast. As we laid you on my stomach and covered you with a towel, the operator instructed us to get a shoelace to clamp the umbilical cord.

Your dad pulled one from his shoe and said, "Does it matter if it's dirty? I breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the paramedics. I was overcome with anxiety in those early months. Daddy said, "It's a boy. Is he okay? But terror lingered in the back of my mind. What would we have done had something gone wrong?

When you were 2 months old, we moved across the country.

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Between barely sleeping, learning to parent two kids , and leaving a big city for a smaller one, I felt like an irritable sloth. My mind raced while days crept along. Small decisions overwhelmed me. I knew it was temporary, but I hated it.

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I'm just getting to know you. When your brother was born, I knew him from the get-go. He has my eyes and much of my personality.

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You're a mini version of your dad. Loud and powerful. You were fiery from the start. When you cried, there was an urgency to your voice, and we couldn't always figure out how to soothe you. The harder we tried, the more you wanted to do things your way, to roar for a while. I hope I have loved you as I've loved your brother. My heart has loved you just as much. But as it goes with younger siblings, I haven't read as many books to you or made as many homemade meals. Motherhood is no place for perfectionism. I love your intensity. You make your presence known. When I ask for a big hug, you crash into me head-first.

There's a confidence in your smile that astounds me. You seem too young to be this self-assured. I love your appetite. You get SO excited about food. Literally any food, aside from raspberries too tart? You grunt and yell and rock so hard that your high chair scoots across the floor in tiny, energetic bursts. You attack life. I love how much you and your brother love each other. You adore him, and he adores you too—even on the days when he tackles you more than he hugs you, or takes more toys than he shares. We made a playlist to listen to during labor, but given your well-timed arrival, we never got to it.

Late that night at the hospital, we put it on shuffle and decided that whatever song came on would be your song. It was Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"—the one song out of all 74 tracks that your brother knew and has always loved to sing. Sibling bonds start early.

Running around all day and packed schedules can make the entire family tired—especially our kids who still rely on naps during the day. Whether we're in the middle of running errands or it's a matter of convenience, it can be tempting to skip nap time and opt for an earlier bedtime for the kiddos. But hindering our little's sleep can actually have more consequences than just a tired and cranky kid. We know that our bodies rejuvenate and grow during sleep, and it's crucial for healthy brain development. But i nsufficient sleep can threaten our ability to learn by jeopardizing the memory formation process.

One study found that classroom naps support learning in preschool children by enhancing memories acquired earlier in the day, compared to equal-time spent awake. What did this mean? Children who napped performed significantly better on a visual-spatial task in the afternoon after a nap, and the next day, than those who did not nap. It also discovered that the nap benefit is greatest for children who nap regularly, regardless of their age. And when they miss a nap, a child cannot recover this benefit of sleep with their overnight sleep.

The study also indicated that there seems to be an additional benefit of having the sleep occur in close proximity to the learning. So why are naps so crucial to your little one's ability to learn? Research has brought to light that memory consolidation may be one of the primary functions of daytime napping in preschool-aged children. When we sleep, we process what happened during the day and learn from those events by creating new neural connections.

During sleep, our memories are solidified and connected to our existing memories , which happens when they transfer from our short-term to long-term memory. This process is called memory consolidation and involves s tructural and chemical changes to the cells and networks in our brain. We need these lasting memories for the development of the cognitive ability that enables us to reason, problem solve, plan, comprehend and learn—all from our experiences, and all of which make up our IQ.

In a study published in Oxford Academia's journal, Sleep , researchers found that not creating an opportunity for enough quality sleep has a direct effect on academic performance , even among children without a history of behavioral problems or academic difficulty. And a study published in Sleep Medicine found that longer regular naps in healthy school-age children were "associated with better performance on measures of perceptual reasoning and overall IQ.

Bottom line: Respecting our children's need for sleep, regardless of our agendas and busy schedules, pays dividends when it comes to helping them learn. There is a crisp in the air and the sun is setting earlier every day, sure signs that fall has arrived. And it brought with it a whole new season of household tasks that need to be tackled. Families are busier than ever with school, homework, sports and other extracurricular activities, which can make fitting chores in a challenge. Overtired kids might be more likely to whine and complain about doing the dishes or raking leaves, but stay strong mama because these tasks are not only teaching them life skills they will want to know one day, you can turn these jobs into a valuable lesson in money management and personal finance.

The key is to treat your kids' chores as if they are a real job. You can still make it fun, but chores are supposed to teach responsibility, accountability, time management and honesty.