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This week: retinol.

Healthy Night Time Skin Care Routine by Los Angeles Esthetician Shani Darden

If there's one hero ingredient beauty editors hear about time and time again from dermatologists and facialists, it's retinol. They swear by its ability to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of large pores and refine the skin's texture like nothing else. So for the uninitiated, what exactly is retinol, and how should you be using it? Retinol is, in the most simplest sense, an antioxidant derivative of vitamin A. Retinol has had a bit of a bad reputation for causing drying and flakiness, and is a no-no for sensitive skin, but it really is a key ingredient in skincare.

Dermstore Chats With Celebrity Esthetician Shani Darden

The aesthetic skin therapist, Jasmina Vico , says, "retinol is a hero in terms of skincare. It increases collagen production in order to prevent wrinkles forming by improving elasticity of the skin. This is exactly what we want. In addition, retinol can also help to manage other skin conditions such as acne and eczema, as well as improving discolorations to the skin.

And if you have sun damage, retinol can also help to reverse some of the side effects, too. Dr Marco Lens, founder of skincare brand Zelens, agrees. It increases skin thickness, improves skin texture and tone leading to smoother and firmer skin.

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It also evens out skin tone and helps with skin discolourations. Vico recommends to her clients to use retinol post-summer and during the winter months for a period of one month at a time, or apply it as a booster for a special occasion to give your skin an instant glow. This will regenerate your skin without going over-board.

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She recommends that complete beginners should try SkinCeuticals Retinol 0. Any of the very effective ones are quite chemical-smelling and don't have the best texture. But you really do get over that once you see the difference it can make to your skin.

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  • If you don't mind using oils, then there are a few brilliant retinol face oils that keep the skin fairly hydrated. Before you buy a product with retinol in, here are three handy tips from the American skin expert, Paula Begoun :. Buy retinol products only if they are packaged in opaque containers meant to minimise or block air exposure.

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    This means no jars, because all forms of vitamin A break down and deteriorate when repeatedly exposed to air or light. Look for vitamin A listed as retinol, retinyl acetate, retinyl palmitate, or retinyl aldehyde also called retinal or retinaldehyde.

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    Here we carved a few minutes out of her busy life to ask her that, as well as tips on how to battle our biggest skin care issues and beauty boo-boos. I really like to keep things simple! Sun exposure is responsible for all of the skin issues that you see later on.

    I wear sunscreen every single day, and keep my face covered with sunglasses and a hat with a wide brim. In general, I just try to stay out of the sun as much as possible!

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    One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is not using the right products for their skin type. People used to think that over-drying your skin when you have acne was the best way to treat it.

    Shani Darden Retinol Reform™

    However, the reality is that it just makes you break out more. Gentle cleanser 2. Vitamin C serum for the daytime 3. Sunscreen 4. Retinol serum if your skin can tolerate it 5.

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    A great moisturizer for your skin type. This is my favorite gel cleanser. It is effective at thoroughly cleansing your skin, but does so gently and without stripping your skin, which is so important. It will help to reverse sun damage by boosting collagen in the skin, as well as being an amazing skin brightener. These peels are an amazing chemical exfoliant that combine both alpha and beta hydroxy acids to remove the dead skin cells from the surface and keep your pores clear.