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Engaging in sexual conversations is a necessary part of the Great Commission making disciples. Juli Slattery. Become a Member. What is Authentic Intimacy? Podcast Each week Dr. Walk through our curriculum and become more equipped to answer questions and address pain Learn More. Coming Soon! Featured Content. Java with Juli podcast Be a Truth Teller If you're tired of smiling on the outside while you are broken and battered on the inside, Ashley Abercrombie has a message for you -it's okay to tell the truth about yourself and what you've been through.

Guest: Ashley Abercrombie. Listen Now. A mediocre relationship is easy. A passionate, authentic and satisfying relationship takes work. Spark My Relationship is designed to infuse your life and relationship with fresh passion, skills and wisdom.

This self-paced journey is perfect for turning up the heat, having some fun together and revolutionizing your intimacy and communication. Debra Campbell, as well 15 other world renowned psychologists and therapists, to create a comprehensive course that not only teaches you the skills needed to create a successful and lasting relationship, but the tools to execute it. In addition to practical wisdom and easy-to-complete exercises, the course includes stress management tools many couples need to get into a fun and intimate mood.

The course consists of 18 therapist taught video lessons with slides, transcripts, audio and video downloadable files, 21 workbooks and cheat sheets, over 25 relationship strengthening exercises and 4 mindfulness exercises.

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Sure, relationships can be complicated, frustrating and demanding. But did you know that overall, having a strong, committed partnership can actually give our physical and psychological well-being a big boost?

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Some of the advantages of being in a happy, healthy relationship are straightforward, such as having someone to talk to and share financial burdens with. Other advantages are more surprising, such as the fact that men in happy, long-term relationships live longer. Sure — warm and fuzzy feelings are nice, but a strong relationship has these research based benefits:. Being in a happy, committed relationship is linked to less production of cortisol, a stress hormone.

This suggests that married or paired people are less responsive to psychological stress, and that the social and emotional support that comes with having a partner can be a great buffer against stress. Being in a loving relationship, gives one a sense of well-being and purpose. Healthy relationships set the perfect tone for an overall healthy lifestyle. If your spouse, friends or other loved ones encourage eating a healthy diet, exercising, not smoking, etc. Making an effort to strengthen your relationship and cultivate more love could just be the secret to increasing happiness.

Even though the reasons to work on your relationship are a complete no-brainer, the process involved in creating a closer, stronger and hotter relationship IS NOT EASY.

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  • What will. Spark My Relationship is the perfect place to start. Or perhaps you and your partner have made a commitment together. Congratulations — you should be proud of yourself. Accepting responsibility for your own happiness and well-being is the first step to Happiness-Maximization. If your partner is joining you on this journey, then great! You alone have the intrinsic capability to affect change in the quality of your own life experiences and relationship. Spark My Relationship offers tips to reshape your relationship intelligently and mindfully and gives you ideas for living more passionately in every aspect of your life together.

    We all know working on our relationship is important, yet we all struggle making it a priority. Life comes at you fast! Kids, work and the demands of modern life can make working on your relationship a daunting task. Here are 4 signs that there is serious room for improvement in your relationship :. Research consistently found that it takes four positive comments to recover from one negative comment made by your partner. That ratio means that criticism is a highly ineffective way of communicating in your relationship with your partner.

    Contempt is the greatest predictor of relationship failure and must be eliminated. The third factor that leads to a relationship disaster is defensiveness. Spark My Relationship was the spark we needed to reignite the passion and love in our relationship. The course helped us to better communicate with each other and be more mindful of each others feelings.

    Create a more passionate, authentic and intimate relationship in 90 days And live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life with your partner. Spark My Relationship is the only relationship course that combines the knowledge of not one, not two, but 15 psychologists and therapists. This has allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge to help strengthen and improve our own relationship, as well has help hundreds of thousands of couples and individuals along the way. We created Spark My Relationship to help couples, just like us. Like you, we struggle with communication issues, intimacy issues, forgiveness and stress management.

    Module 1. Relationship Detox. The last thing you need is unhelpful old habits to block your progress as you start intensive work on your relationship, so we deal with them in the first module. Lesson 2 — Detoxing Your Relationship. Lesson 3 — Stress Management. Never underestimate the importance of knowing how to relax, soothe your emotions and manage the inevitable stresses of everyday couple and family life.

    Debra Campbell focuses on the importance of developing your mindful awareness to respond wisely in interactions rather than from a reactive, anxious or raw emotional place.


    Lesson 4 — A Mindfulness Primer. The brief Mindfulness Primer shows you how to take a mindful break of just 2 minutes as often as you like, anytime, everyday. The results for your health and your relationship will far outweigh the minimal effort and time required to take responsibility for your wellness in this fundamental way. Mindfulness allows us to pause, breathe and respond, rather than reacting negatively to our partner. This process will make your partner feel more loved and create more empathy, compassion and understanding toward your partner.

    Lesson 6 — Mindfulness In Action. Lesson 7 — Forgiveness. Forgiveness is an essential life and relationship skill. Module 2. Love is a very focused and specific giving of our attention. Lesson 1 — Disagreeing Respectfully. In this lesson, Dr. Daniel Ellenberg introduces a framework for handling challenging conversations. He discusses the mindset that is necessary to have a successful conversation, as well as the set of skills that would be helpful for you to develop. We also look at a way of orienting to these conversations, from contemplating whether or not to have one in the first place to completing a conversation.

    Lesson 3 — Mindful Communications. She provides examples of effective ways to support cohesion, connectivity and longevity of your romantic relationship through mindful communication. Lesson 4 -Solving Communication Dead-Ends. This includes being honest about the true meaning of your preferences and examining the narrative you have about winning and losing. The key to good communication and staying loving and connected in any situation in life is staying mindful.

    Another way of describing it is responding rather than reacting under pressure, or staying in your wise mind rather than falling into emotional reactivity or intellectualizing. The guided meditation by Dr. Debra Campbell is a lovely extended relaxation practice to enjoy together or individually. Module 3. Before she knows it her whole carefully created life has blown apart. She finally decides to return home to Logan Point, Mississippi to try and solve a twenty year old mystery that involves the disappearance of her father.

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    But going home proves to be stickier than she thought it would be. There are things brewing that Taylor had not anticipated. Nick Sinclair is a best-selling author of mystery novels. While his professional life seems to be on the rise, his personal life is filled with tragedy. His beloved wife died in his arms and he is wracked with guilt over not being capable of saving her. To make matters worse his estranged half brother has reemerged desperately needing his help. Patricia Bradley has put together a riveting tale that takes you into the depths of the twisted psyche of the human mind.

    She probes the topic of how far someone would go to fulfill their own desires. I enjoyed the developing relationship between Taylor and Nick, there is some serious steam going on there! As the layers of the story are peeled back you begin to see who is behind all the terror, but until the very end you don't completely understand all the whys. Great opening to what promises to be a chilling in a good way! If you've followed our blog any time at all you've probably seen some of our Take It or Leave It fashion posts.

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    I promise we are going to get back to those but the weather has been so cold and snowy here that all I can think of is over-sized sweaters, yoga pants and fuzzy slippers. Trust me. From those posts you've gathered that my shopping style is I see something I like on a mannequin and then find it in my size.

    Well, in my pre-baby days that seemed to work a little better than it does now. Clingy turtlenecks were my favorite looks but now I look better in a v-neck top.

    While I was browsing the web I found this great infographic from Fashioncents that talks about choosing clothing according to body shape. I'm going to try and keep these tips in mind next time I'm out looking for that new outfit! Hope it helps you too. Labels: Fashion No comments:. PR1ME of Life. But who asked him? He's just the janitor, after all. Of course, his inept boss, the cantankerous residents, and even his attractive podiatrist friend don't know one important thing about him: he was recently a cardiothoracic surgeon, not a broom-pushing custodian.

    Ben is in search of a stress-free life with a little freedom from the past thrown in. But will it be that simple to escape who he used to be--and all he used to fear? Let me share with you that opening paragraph so you'll understand. Labels: Book reviews , Contemporary Fiction , P. Bekendam , Worthy Publishing No comments:. Meet Mr. Grey For Valentine's Day? This Valentine's Day fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are being teased by a poster touting a movie based on the book to be release one full year from now.

    The poster reads: "Mr. Grey Will See You Now. As a clinical psychologist, the Fifty Shades phenomenon had my attention right away. Frankly, I thought it was a passing fad. I never dreamed it would catch fire as it has, but within months the series had opened the door to an entire line up of copycat books so fast that the BBC reported erotica was "cannibalizing" the rest of the publishing industry. And I think the books could cannibalize your love life. While erotica might originally heighten sexual feelings, over the long haul it erodes something much more important—intimacy.

    Whether you are married or single, you are looking for more than sex. Your body, your mind, and your spirit were created to crave intimacy. You want more than an imaginary escapade with a fictional character. You want more than a momentary feeling of sexual arousal. You want a real relationship, with sex as an expression of true intimacy.

    Mommy porn and other forms of pornography are cheap substitutions for the real thing. My ten-year —old son woke up hungry this morning. Boys tend to do that. What would you think of me as a mom if I fed him cotton candy and coke for breakfast? I may have satisfied his hunger with things that tasted good, but in the long run, I have done him harm. First of all, the food I gave him will not build his body, giving him the nutrition he needs for the day.

    This is exactly what mommy porn will do to your intimate life. You are hungry for a relationship that will nourish. To make matters worse, you will lose your appetite for the things that create true intimacy. Porn and erotica are selfish sex, requiring no sacrifice and no effort to love another person. You can have what you want, when you want, and how you want it. The more you chase the counterfeit, the further away you get from the real deal—intimacy.

    A fulfilling, lasting sex life requires patience, vulnerability, and unselfishness — these are all things that books like Fifty Shades help you avoid. The journey toward true intimacy is learning to create the safest environment possible so that you and your partner can explore together without fear of betrayal or humiliation.